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Our Unparalleled Expertise in Police Incident Analysis

Drawing from an extensive 35-year background in policing, we bring an unmatched depth of skills, experience, and nationwide knowledge to the field of law enforcement review and analysis. Our specialized services encompass a comprehensive range of critical areas, including:

Police Use of Force Incidents: We meticulously examine and analyze cases involving the use of force by officers, providing objective assessments and actionable insights to ensure adherence to established protocols and standards.

Officer-Involved Shootings: In the sensitive and high-stakes realm of officer-involved shooting incidents, our team offers impartial and thorough investigations, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the facts and circumstances surrounding these complex events.

Internal Affairs Investigations and Adjudication: Our expertise extends to the intricate domain of internal affairs, where we conduct in-depth investigations and provide informed adjudication guidance, upholding the integrity and professionalism of law enforcement agencies.

In-Custody Death Investigations: Recognizing the gravity of in-custody death incidents, we bring our extensive experience to bear, conducting rigorous investigations and providing detailed analyses to shed light on these tragic occurrences and identify areas for improvement.

High-Profile Police Incident Consultation: In the realm of high-profile police-involved incidents resulting in civilian deaths, our team has been entrusted with providing invaluable consultation services, leveraging our expertise to navigate these complex and sensitive situations.

With our unparalleled knowledge, impartial approach, and unwavering commitment to excellence, we stand as a trusted partner for law enforcement agencies nationwide, dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism, accountability, and public trust.

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Our expert witness brings over 30 years of extensive policing experience and specialized training to each one of our cases. This, coupled with hands-on experience and profound knowledge of police operations and generally accepted practices, sets us apart.

Through participation in the use of force and internal affairs processes from multiple vantage points, including those of the involved officer, investigator, administrator, reviewer, and adjudicator, our expert has cultivated a robust and comprehensive understanding of the entire process.

This multifaceted perspective allows us to provide invaluable insights and recommendations that transcend the limitations of a singular viewpoint, ensuring a holistic and well-rounded approach to addressing complex law enforcement challenges.

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Our Expert Witness has experience working with a variety of law firms who represent their clients in state and federal courts alike.

The Criminal Investigations Experts at JR Investigations and Consulting Group may provide opinions on issues related to the conduct of a search stop or arrest without a warrant, consent or probable cause, bare minimum facts in police reports, neglection of Miranda Rights, failing to interview or contact percipient witnesses, failure to book important information into evidence, failing to follow proper procedures in the chain of custody of evidence, escalating a situation by use of force and related investigation issues.

Expert in police procedures may provide forensic reviews of investigations in accusations of racial profiling, fabricating or exaggerating facts to support probable cause to issue a warrant, failure to specify the items to be seized, searching for items outside the scope of a warrant, seizing items outside the scope of a warrant, serving a warrant outside the hours it provides, serving the wrong person or at the wrong location. These experts may also testify on issues of exigent circumstances used to justify an arrest and arguments of unlawful arrest.