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With over 35 years of policing experience, we have developed a unique set of skills, experience, and knowledge of policing throughout the nation. We specialize in the review and analysis of police involved uses of force, officer involved shootings, internal affairs investigations and adjudication, and in-custody death investigations. We have consulted on many high-profile police involved incidents that resulted in civilian deaths.

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During his law enforcement experience which spanned over three decades, our expert witness has consulted cities and police organizations alike throughout the nation. We have consulted on matters involving police uses of force, lethal and nonlethal, in-custody death investigations, police misconduct investigations and adjudications.

Our evolved experience has provided our expert witness with extensive personal and specialized training, experience, and knowledge of police operations and generally accepted police practices.

Our expert has participated in the use of force and internal affairs process from multiple perspectives that include the involved officer, the investigator, administrator, the reviewers and adjudicators perspective.

This has resulted in a much more robust understanding of the entire process.

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shutterstock 1433466821Unparalleled Expertise in Police Procedures and Investigations

Our expert witness has extensive experience collaborating with a diverse array of law firms, providing invaluable insights and testimony in both state and federal court proceedings. The Police Procedure Experts at JR Investigations and Consulting Group offer comprehensive expertise in a wide range of critical areas, including:

Conduct of Searches, Stops, and Arrests Our experts are well-versed in evaluating the legality and proper execution of searches, stops, and arrests conducted without a warrant, addressing issues such as consent, probable cause, and adherence to established protocols.

Investigative Procedures and Protocols
We provide in-depth analyses of police reports, ensuring that they meet the bare minimum standards for documentation and thoroughness. Our experts also assess potential violations of Miranda Rights, failures to interview or contact eyewitnesses, and lapses in proper evidence handling and chain of custody procedures.

Use of Force and Escalation 

Our team is equipped to analyze situations involving the use of force and provide opinions on whether such actions were justified or escalated unnecessarily, potentially contributing to unfavorable outcomes.

Racial Profiling and Misconduct
Our experts conduct forensic reviews of investigations to detect instances of racial profiling, fabrication or exaggeration of facts to support probable cause, and failures to specify the scope of search warrants or adhere to their parameters.

Exigent Circumstances and Unlawful Arrests
We offer specialized expertise in evaluating claims of exigent circumstances used to justify arrests, as well as assessing the legality of arrests based on adherence to established protocols and procedures.

Comprehensive Expertise and Objective Analysis
With a deep understanding of police procedures, investigative best practices, and legal standards, our experts provide impartial and thorough analyses tailored to the specific needs of each case. Whether addressing issues of search and seizure, use of force, or potential misconduct, our team is committed to delivering objective, fact-based opinions that stand up to rigorous scrutiny.

By leveraging the unparalleled expertise of our Crimi, law firms can confidently navigate complex legal matters, ensuring their clients receive the highest quality representation and the best possible outcomes.