Criminal & Civil Defense Investigations

A thorough criminal defense investigation almost always makes the difference between an acquittal or a conviction.


An attorney’s schedule is filled with deadlines. They don’t have time to wonder whether witnesses have been interviewed, photographs of the scene have been taken, records have been obtained, or if evidence has to be secured and maintained.

Our approach provides our clients with the service they require and deserve. That’s why skilled trial attorneys choose our Florida Board Certified Investigators.

We are an established, time-tested resource for attorneys, corporations and individuals in need of discrete and ethical private investigations. Our modern techniques and understanding of rapidly evolving technology and law enforcement issues sets us apart from others.




A thorough criminal defense investigation almost always makes the difference between an acquittal or a conviction. Attorneys can only work with information they are provided or have access to. Many times, that information is incomplete or inaccurate.  

Our private investigators are trained professionals who will search for the information needed that leads to the truth. They are trained factfinders and forensic interviewers which are essential in gathering results.

In criminal defense investigations, our role is to find witnesses and exculpatory evidence to assist in the client’s defense. 

Legal investigations require specific knowledge, experience, and skills in order to properly prepare a strategy. Our investigators have first-hand experience investigating crimes, interviewing witnesses, working closely with attorneys, testifying in court, and the ability to identify “weak points” in cases.

We perform investigations for clients at virtually every stage of a criminal or civil proceeding, from initial complaint, through trial, to appellate proceedings.


We are a Florida Justice Administrative Commission (JAC) approved agency serving all your criminal defense needs.



  • Locating Witnesses

  • Background Investigations

  • Witness Interviews

  • On-Scene Photography and Video

  • Witness Statements

  • Developing Evidence

  • Record Searches

  • Gathering and Verifying Facts

  • Access to Experts


  • Address Histories

  • Criminal Records

  • Civil Filings

  • Locating and Interviewing Witnesses and Associates

  • Obtaining Statements


  • Fact Finding

  • Locating Witnesses

  • Interviewing Witnesses

  • Searching for Prospective Witnesses

  • Obtaining Statements from Witnesses

  • Background Investigations

  • Surveillance

  • Post-Conviction Investigations