Court Case Investigation


Experience has shown that the contributions of a skilled Private Investigator assigned to your case are indispensable.

Private Investigators will be able to collect information and evidence that is important to your case and also support them in sensitive cases.

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What are some of the benefits of hiring a Private Investigator to assist with a case?

There are numerous purposes for retaining a Private Investigator varying from locating people, searching for assets to support a case. Private Investigators will be able to collect information and evidence that is important to your case and can support in time sensitive cases. Many individuals, though worry that the evidence found from a hired Private Investigator may not be admissible in court. On the contrary, evidence gathered by Private Investigators is generally admissible. However, one must be careful not to trounce on any legal or ethical implications.

Such as documents that are produced to be inspected in the courtroom. These documents can be real, original or hearsay.


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Are findings of a Private Investigator admissible in court?

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Evidence obtained by a licensed Private Investigator working on your behalf is generally admissible and useful in court. It is important to understand that all evidence must be legally obtained.