We will ask you to describe and provide a photo (if available) of the subject to be surveilled, as well as any information regarding their location, personal information, place of employment, etc., which will allow us to get started. Once our private investigators gather the information you requested, they will provide written reports, often including video. Our private investigators can also testify in a court of law, if needed.

The fees and costs of any investigation depend heavily on the assignment. This is determined mostly by the amount of time spent on your case. There are sometimes additional charges for surveillance. 

While our agency has reasonable rates, we will always endeavor to work within your budget. Your initial consultation is free and beginning at this point, all of your case details will remain confidential. We are always happy to answer questions and discuss your best options with no obligation. 

We prefer at least 24 hours notice before beginning any investigations, in order to properly prepare. However, in certain circumstances we can expedite the start of the investigation at the request of the client once all the requisite information and documentation are obtained. 

Weekends are usually the busiest time for our private investigators in Florida.  Hence, the need of a 24-hour notice is generally needed for weekend assignments.

Keep in mind that we cannot begin an actual investigation until we have obtained all the necessary information from you, and completion of certain forms required by the state. Your investigation may begin sooner by working closely in providing all that is needed.

All information we gather during our investigation is kept strictly confidential.

As an example, a police department is unable to retrieve any of our clients’ confidential reports, evidence, personal information, etc., unless you give written consent for us to release such information.

Yes, when a legitimate reason exists, it is legal to hire a licensed private investigator in Florida for surveillance. You can also use a private investigator to locate someone or gather evidence in a legal proceeding.

Our private investigators may appear in court to assist on your behalf and testify about the details of our investigation, if deemed necessary. Additional charges may apply. However, we strongly recommend consulting legal counsel to coordinate any and all activities, testimonies of our investigators should you plan on using the obtained information gathered by our agency for a legal matter.



The costs of surveillance varies.  When hiring private investigator to gather information in a case of infidelity, there may be a need to conduct surveillance and obtain still photos confirming the infidelity during several different occasions and times.

It is important to have adequate information before beginning this type of service.  By collecting evidence through video and photo surveillance, it could be a convincing piece of evidence in court.

Our private investigator can provide surveillance on your ex-spouse and conduct a child neglect investigation. They will be able to travel to any city throughout Florida to conduct the investigation. Our private investigators will document and record the activities of your spouse and child. Should there be evidence and clear proof that there is negligence involved, you, along with your attorney can make efforts to have visitation rights amended. In addition, we will provide you with photo or video evidence of the witnessed activity during surveillance. 

Marriage is a big step, so if you are having doubts of his or her faithfulness, you should definitely hire us to conduct a cheating spouse investigation. Our agency has private investigators with experience in cases of infidelity, and would be more than happy to assist you with an investigation.

In addition, we offer comprehensive pre-marital investigations, which consist of a search into his or her background. There would also be a search into his or her past criminal records, if any.  This could give you better knowledge about his or her trustworthiness.

We can provide you with information of his/her, especially the ones that may be hidden.

The assets search will also include any corporations or entities that they may be associated with.

For child custody investigations, our private investigators record, document, and also use surveillance for your case. The investigator will report back to you with the information regarding the time spent with your children and may even be able to document individual instances of neglect and abuse or any other viewed activity that may prove your ex-spouse is an unfit parent.  

There is always a possibility that during the investigation, our agency could discover other pertinent information that you were not aware of as well.

Absolutely. Our investigators are very accustomed to working with the attorneys to assist in building their case.