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Background Checks


Whether You’re Looking For A Pre-Set Package Or A Customized Solution, We Have You Covered

What Is The Difference In Hiring A Private Investigator Versus An Online Screening Company To Conduct A Background Check?

JR Investigative & Consulting Group provides pre-employment, comprehensive background checks, and investigations on individuals and businesses. Our experienced private investigators in Florida are thorough and committed to providing you with answers.  We have access to resources allowing us to obtain the most desired evidence and information to our clients.

Background checks of individuals and businesses can be conducted in many layers.  The success of obtaining the correct information is with the proper use of research, and discreet fieldwork.  These background checks and investigations can be very simple or complex.  Our skilled investigators understand our clients’ needs and are diligent in seeking facts.

We use a multi-step approach when conducting our background checks or investigations, and all work is reviewed before delivery to the client.

  • FCRA Compliant (Fair Credit Reporting Act), making it legal to use for employee background checks.
  • A licensed and experienced private investigator conducts the background check on your behalf, provides a comprehensive report, which is reviewed with the client to ensure understanding.
  • Private investigators are thorough and rely on more than just the databases.
Social Security Number Trace

This background investigation service verifies the validity of the Social Security Number provided by the applicant and provides an address history based on public record and credit header information. This enables us to find areas where an applicant has resided that they may not have reported on their consent form or online entry.

Federal District Criminal History Search

Thorough background investigations include Federal Criminal history information for any applicant.  It is important that criminal history searches for applicants include Federal, State, and County information when available.


State/County Criminal History Search

Core to any good background check or investigation, is a search of criminal history information for the county or state in which the applicant has resided.  Our investigators attempt to cross-reference all information in order to validate accuracy.

Comprehensive and Thorough

A successful background investigation needs to look across all siloed information and determine relevancy, accuracy, and legitimacy. Our skilled investigators work diligently to provide a concise investigative finding for our clients.